I know from personal experience how hard life can be and by not looking after my own health and wellbeing I got into abusive relationships, nearly died of pneumonia, lost a business, financially struggled and brought 3 children up as a single mum.   


Talking with a Counsellor and getting Life Coaching myself helped me see there was Hope and I needed to look after my mind, as well as my body.

Counselling gets you functioning and coaching gets you flourishing.


​ I am passionate about helping people to grow in all areas of their life, deal with Anxiety, Anger, Relationship, Career , Health and Fitness issues and grow in Positivity, Productivity and Confidence,

​I have the skills to listen and ask you the right questions to get you to the right answers for you. 1-2-1 coaching sessions provide a safe place to talk and start taking action.  I am non-judgemental and totally confidential.


I have had a career helping people in Fitness for 24 years , Finance 27 years , Coaching and Counselling 1000s of sessions.



  • Diploma in Life Coaching

  • Diploma in Counselling

  • Customer Service Certificate of Excellence 

  • Professional Diploma in Relationship counselling

  • Diploma in NLP

  • Diploma in CBT

  • DIploma counselling children and adolescents 

  • RSA Exercise to Music


Transform means change , if you are feeling stuck in any area of your life sessions get you taking action and moving forward.


 01482 899588

07429 353375