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Global Coaching Client -Ivan

From our first session Heidi put me at ease...... She helped me process distressing emotions from my past, which has enabled me to find peace. I now treat myself with the same compassion as I do others. I have learned to love myself again and forgive others' misgivings. Thanks to Heidi's guidance I am far more settled and positive . I embrace life instead of fearing it. I will be forever grateful. " With Love, Rachel xxxx 

Counselling Client Rachel

Health and Wellbeing Online Course

Heidi was very warm, friendly and enthusiastic. She listened well and gave out the right balance of information, advice and tips as well as making us all feel valued. The important thing she kept stressing was that we should all value ourselves more and be kinder to ourselves and she gave us lots of ways to try and do that. 


I liked the way she gave us all the chance to speak and share our thoughts and feelings about the current situation, if we wanted to, and even though it was a serious subject matter, she encouraged us to laugh – she’s a great trainer!

Jane Winter , Hull City Council

Daniel Casey Sapphire Headshot.tif

''I have enjoyed working with Heidi for a few years now. First of all personally, then secondly I invited Heidi into my business, as I knew the positive impact the services Heidi offers would be a great benefit to both the business and also the individuals.


'I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone'

— Danny Casey, Director ,Sapphire Signs

Dance Fit

Heidi's Dance Fit classes are amazing: a great variety of well-planned exercises to music delivered in her uniquely professional but entertaining style. Can't think of a more enjoyable, uplifting and beneficial way to start the week!' 

                                     Jill Lambert


Shekira Johnson, Business Owner, Turn'd up Fitness


“I’m the founder and creator of Turn’d Up Fitness. It’s not easy being your own boss. We have nobody to hold us accountable. I’m constantly wearing ten different hats in my company and shifting gears, from one responsibility to the next.  

Heidi has been coaching me for 6 months now and it’s been incredible. She has helped me become more organised and taught me how to prioritise tasks. I’ve built up such a momentum in the company now. My sales have increased and I’m much more confident. We meet twice a week and I always leave our sessions on fire and ready to take action. 

Not only has Heidi been amazing in helping with my business growth, she has also helped me cope with a lot of personal and nutrition issues.
The best thing I ever did was hire a coach. Everybody on the planet should work with Heidi. She’s the best.”