Throughout my career I have helped people who are experiencing difficulties to manage and overcome issues that are holding them back, enabling them to achieve the life they want and deserve. Problems include anxiety, anger, relationships, confidence, career, work / life balance and health and fitness issues.

Heidi's Services

  • Counselling
  • Life Coaching
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Bespoke Packages for Businesses & Education

Heidi's Qualifications

  • Accredited Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Diploma in Counselling
  • Customer Service Certificate of Excellence
  • Professional Diploma in Relationship counselling
  • Diploma in NLP
  • Diploma in CBT
  • Diploma counselling children and adolescents
  • RSA Exercise to Music
  • Internationally Accredited Diploma Certificate in Nutrition


My Background

Whatever your aims, I have the skills and experience to help you realise your personal, career or relationship goals. I empower individuals to have self belief, be more positive, confident, have improved relationships, and live healthier, happier and balanced lives.

For businesses and corporate, my health and wellbeing packages help business owners improve staff performance and create a vibrant and positive culture, increasing staff morale, productivity, performance and profitability.

I know from personal experience how hard life can be. 16 years ago I was in an abusive marriage, had two jobs, then lost a business, and was a single mum of three. Then I nearly died of pneumonia. Dialling 999 that night made me turn my life around.

Seeing a counsellor and getting life coaching helped me see things from a different perspective and gave me the ‘hope’ I needed, the skills to deal with what I was going through, and understand the importance of looking after myself both mentally and physically.

what I do

Counselling helps you deal with past traumas and major life events. Coaching empowers you to start to take action to achieve your goals.

I am passionate about helping people to grow in all areas of their life, deal with anxiety, anger, relationship, career , health and fitness issues and grow in positivity, productivity and confidence.

I have the skills to listen and ask you the right questions to get you to the right answers for you as you know you best. My 1-2-1 coaching sessions provide a safe place to talk and start taking action, are non-judgemental and totally confidential.

I have had a career helping the wellness of individuals for 25 years in fitness,  coaching and counselling. I have business clients, corporate clients , global clients and provide health and wellbeing courses online and in person.

If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed in any area of your life, contact me to create your bespoke plan and get you moving forward.

I offer fast appointments with no waiting times to get booked in and this can be easily accessed using the buttons below.

If you are wanting to cancel your appointment please allow 48 hours notice. 

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